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We are a professional food machinery and packaging machinery manufacturer in China. Since its inception, we have an excellent engineering team, personal customer service center and high-quality manufacturing capabilities, making us one of the world's outstanding suppliers of reliable extrusion equipment. We can ensure that our customers' high-quality machines meet the design requirements and work perfectly. Our technicians can also provide a variety of related technologies to make food production clean, healthy and safe. We have our own production plants / workshops in China. Our business scope mainly includes corn grinding system, corn flake / breakfast cereal system, baby food system, corn puffing snack system and other mechanical equipment, particle system, artificial rice system, soybean block system and pet food / fish food system. Our company is committed to extrusion food technology research, so that our customers have high quality food on the market. We can improve the customer's equipment and provide new advanced technology related training. We can also design special products and materials according to the special requirements of customers.

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  • Address:587 Fimberly Drive, Sarol Stream, Ollinois U.S.A.
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China Corn Flakes Processing Machine Supplier
Website : www.cultcrusher.net
Telephone : +1-792-284-3941
Address : 587 Fimberly Drive, Sarol Stream, Ollinois U.S.A.

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